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Bespoke co-founders Jake Linzinmeir and Ben Halley began their creative partnership in 2015 eager to collaborate and design without letting ego get in the way of honest, hard work. In 2016 they opened their own studio that quickly grew in size and talent. The team that emerged works each day to put oneself aside in order to create the best and most collaborative work possible. A team of operators, chefs, creators, designers and thinkers, we never settle. We push ourselves and the clients that we work with to new places delivering concepts and solutions that are as sound as the are creative. We collaborate for the better (because two heads are better than one).

Jake Linzinmeir

Chef and Restaurateur Jake Linzinmeir was raised in the mid-west, but grew up in hotels and kitchens around the world. Since graduating from Cornell University’s acclaimed School of Hotel Management Jake has continued to travel the world, cooking in Michelin 3-Star temples of Haute Cuisine, conceiving and managing his own operations from small taverns to large resorts, and keeping his creative juices flowing exploring the best the hospitality world has to offer us. His strengths encompass all aspects of restaurant operations, and his creativity has led to the development of amazingly successful ventures from Hawaii to Boston.

At Bespoke, Jake’s focus is on Feasibility Studies, Strategic Assessment and Concept Development and he is passionate about delivering the right hospitality solution to stakeholders. When not working with the Bespoke Concepts Team Jake spends his time in the Colorado Rockies, training with Mountain Search & Rescue and with his wife Jennifer at her famous restaurant in Vail, The Red Lion.

Our partners

We value our relationships in the industry and beyond. When signing on with Bespoke Concepts you also have access to many of our wonderful partnerships for additional projects and beyond.

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